ITM-1261 ACK
  • Quick prototyping – Add Alexa control to your device by using the ACK development kit and provided reference code

  • No cloud management – Run your devices on an Amazon-managed ACK cloud instead of building your own

  • Minimal embedded coding – Connect existing device logic to a preconfigured ACK module.

  • Simplified device maintenance – Publish updates to your device fleet and collect operational metrics or device logs

  • Predictable cost structure – Non-recurring, per-unit fee

  • Simplified – Seamless device registration by using Amazon Frustration-Free Setup (FFS)

  • Familiar – Control devices by using Alexa voice commands and the Alexa app.

  • Reliable – Backed by Amazon-managed cloud services and kept up-to-date through seamless over-the-air (OTA) updates

  • Advanced – Automate devices with Alexa capabilities, such as routines.

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ACK Carrier Hardware circuit diagram