• Andes Technology D10F processor w/ ILM/DLM and I-cache/D-cache
  • DSP instruction set with SIMD

  • Tightly coupled single precision floating point unit (FPU)
  • Dedicated 16KB I-cache/D-cache supported

  • Memory Protection Unit (MPU) supported
  • 128KB ROM and up to 512KB SRAM for Instruction and data SRAM in total

  • Low power Dormant mode with 16KB retention SRAM

  • Low power Shut-Down mode

  • Integrated on-chip Power Management Unit (PMU) support 3.3~5V wide range

  • AES/SHA/ECC hardware acceleration

  • Flash controller supports eXecute-in-Place (XIP)
  • 12-bit ADC for IOT


The ITM-2011 is a highly integrated wireless module with 2.4GHz band 1T1R 11b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, and MCU. A single chip MCU SoC targets for applications requiring optimal RF performance, strong security, low power consumption, and small form-factor with minimal external components. Equipped with a proven SDK, ITM-2011 provides customers a fast time to market solution by leveraging existing software eco system, and still keep possibilities for product differentiation.

ITM-2011 features an application processor subsystem based on Andes D10F 32-bit RISC floating point core which runs at 320MHz. It includes 384KB embedded SRAM, which is peripheral addressable. Dedicated 16KB instruction cache and 16KB data cache
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