• RF Chipset : AMICCOM A7139

  • Frequency band: 915 MHz.

  • Programmable data rate from 2Kbps to 100Kbps

  • Programmable TX power level from –34dBm to 15dBm
  • On chip regulator, supports input voltage 1.9 ~ 3.6 V

  • Ultra low deep-sleep mode current consumption 0.3uA

  • RX mode current consumption (AGC Off): 3.8mA

  • High RX sensitivity -102dBm@100Kbps data rate

  • Easy to use

The ITM-9139 SIP module is designed for 915MHz ISM band wireless applications using AMICCOM’s A7139 FSK/GFSK transceiver chipset. This compact module features a fully programmable frequency synthesizer by SPI interface. The maximum data rate is up to 100kbps (by using 12.8MHz crystal, or 250kbps by using 16MHz crystal)

ITM-9139 is optimized for very low power consumption. In addition, it can offer a very good link budget with a high efficient class-E power amplifier up to 16dBm and a low phase noise receiver. Therefore, ITM-9139 is very suitable for battery powered application with a nice LOS (line-of-sight) wireless range.

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