• 2.4GHz Wireless Mouse Solution

  • Support Max. 8KHz Polling Rate

  • Low Latency - Less than 125us
  • USB2.0 High-Speed
  • Optical Sensor with Maximum Resolution up to 20000 DPI

  • 3+1 Programmable Buttons

ITM-MV8 and ITM-DV8 use MCU with high efficient RF front-end to implement the world-wide first wireless mouse solution up to 8KHz polling rate. ITM-MV8 is the module PCBA designed for the mouse side, connected to optical sensor, buttons, wheel, LEDs and 3.3V power source. ITM-DV8 is an USB dongle PCBA design for the PC/NB side, to transmit/receive data to/from ITM-MV8. Via USB2.0 HS, ITM-DV8 can transfer mouse data from ITM-MV8 to PC/NB with maximum 8KHz polling rate.

Datasheet-ITM-MV8 / ITM-DV8
ds_ITM-MV8 / ITM-DV8_t4_English