You may choose to install the BRC64 Standard or Professional version during the installation.

The differences between Standard and Professional versions are showed in the chart below.

Feature Standard Professional
Max Channels 64 64
Free Channels 64 4
Remote Control (NVS) X V
Video Wall X V
Audio Broadcast X V
IOT Brickcom cameras only Onvif Compatible



System Requirements
Operation System   Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server, Windows 8
Hardware Requirements
* HDD   RPM:7200 rpm
  Read/Write: average > 160MB/s
  Access time average < 15ms
Network Bandwidth   Total bandwidth not exceed 80 mbps/computer
CPU for 8 ch/PC   2nd Intel i3 , 2G ram or above
CPU for 16 ch/PC   2nd Intel i5 , 4G ram or above
CPU for 32 ch/PC   2nd Intel i7, 4G ram or above
CPU for 64 ch/PC   2nd Intel i7, 4G ram or above




Recommended HDDs
Seagate   ST1000DM003,ST2000DM001,ST3000DM001,ST2000VX000,ST3000VX000
Toshiba   DT01ACA200, DT01ACA300

Please do NOT use green label, energy saver…etc HDD for NVR recording.

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