• Built-in 512KB ROM +160KB SRAM

  • Filter capacitors and RF matching links

  • Provides 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n

  • Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to the host MCU

  • Comes with a PCB antenna

  • The host MCU can be connected to the module through a UART interface. If the module is LTE module, the host MCU can be connected to network via LTE module.

The ITM-2262-Azure IoT modules are based on Nuvoton's M480 series high-performance low-power microcontrollers, with Brickcom's ITM series modules integrated to support the Microsoft Azure cloud and wireless technologies such as WiFi, BLE and 4G. The ITM-2262-Azure modules allow the developers to easily add the cloud and connectivity features to make their products Azure IoT cloud plug-n-play capable, and still focus on their core technologies development.
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