This calculator generates values which should be used for planning purposes only. The values are approximations and the actual bandwidth and harddrive capacity required may vary according to different recording environments.
The results assume that the camera settings for each camera are configured to the same settings.


How to use the NVR Calculator
  • Enter the number of cameras being used.
  • Select the number of hours from the drop-down menu that the cameras are scheduled to record per day.
  • Enter the number of days that the video will be stored on the NVR.
  • For the Video Streaming Bitrate, select the bitrate in kilobytes per second at which the cameras are transmitting video feed.
  • If using audio, enter the audio's bitrate in kilobytes per second.
  • Hit calculate to display the total bandwidth and total harddrive capacity required.

This lens calculator can provide the viewfield dimensions for a given focal length and distance, or provide the focal length for a given viewfield width/height and distance.

The values generated by this calculator are for the user's reference only, and may not meet the user's actual requirements (picture clarity, etc.).

1. Calculate the Viewfield with Given Focal Length and Distance:

2. Calculate the Focal Length with Given Width of Viewfield and Distance

3. Calculate the Focal Length with Given Height of Viewfield and Distance