Brickcom releases the 3 Megapixel N Series Super Night Vision Indoor & Outdoor Dome Network Cameras

Brickcom Corporation is pleased to introduce our new 3 Megapixel N Series Indoor & Outdoor Dome Network cameras, including Vandal Dome (VD-300N/ VD-302N) and Fixed Dome (FD-300N/ FD-302N) Series, which are the latest addition to our professional and super night vision dome series network camera line. They feature Superior Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for outstanding performance in high-contrast and difficult lighting environments and are designed to provide outstanding video quality at night. These cameras incorporate Sony ExmorTM CMOS sensors which deliver crystal-clear video images for both day and night surveillance. With 3 Megapixel resolution and HDTV 1080p @ 30fps streaming, the 3M N series dome cameras are the ideal surveillance solution for open areas and applications that require detailed video surveillance.

3 Megapixel and Full HD 1080p @ 30fps
The Brickcom 3 Megapixel N Series Indoor & Outdoor Dome Network cameras are designed for any type of IP surveillance application that requires superior night time performance and “Real Time” FULL HDTV video at 1080p@30fps. These cameras also supports H.264, Motion JPEG and MPEG4 in multiple streams to offer the installer different options for video settings. With Brickcom smart sensing technology, the Brickcom 3 Megapixel N Series Indoor & Outdoor Dome Network cameras can create images containing more detail than ever before.

Smart Focus® Support
With built-in Brickcom Smart Focus® technology, VD-300N and FD-300N cameras can be installed easily and quickly through the combination of smart features such as remote zoom for adjusting the angle of view over the network and remote focus that eliminates the need for manual focusing. Plus each camera has a multiple power input option making installation a breeze.

Intelligent Multi-Profile Sensor Management®
The 3 Megapixel N Series Indoor & Outdoor Dome Network cameras are designed with powerful software features to maximize each cameras capability which allows every model to adapt to variable environments and provide optimized video quality. The intelligent multi-profile supports five profiles so users can optimize each image parameter. With this feature the user has the ability to set various sensor and lens attributes in a profile, including the brightness, contrast, sharpness, saturation, exposure, de-noise, white balance etc. Furthermore, the profiles can be switched automatically following the user-defined schedule. Up to three pre-set profiles (Day, Night, and Sunset) and two user-defined profiles are provided for the camera to allow ease of installation.
Brickcom WDR Enhancement® technology
The 3 megapixel N Series Indoor & Outdoor Dome Network cameras are equipped with a WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) sensor which allows the unit to handle extreme variations of brightness. The WDR sensor averages out the very bright and very dark areas to create a video scene close to what the human eye would see. For example, it can eliminate the glare from car headlights and make it possible to identify a car’s license plate number.
SDHC/ SD Card Slot Supporting Local Storage/Edge Recording
These cameras can be configured to continue recording and store the data to the SDHC/ SD Card when the network or power connection is interrupted. With an UPS system, such as the Brickcom BP-1000 battery PoE splitter, the camera can continue recording even if there is a power failure.

Suitable for Extreme Weather
For protection against the elements each camera is furnished with an IP67-rated, weather-proof and IK10-rated, vandal-proof housing to withstand poor weather and harsh strike conditions. This feature enhances the 3 Megapixel N Series Indoor & Outdoor Dome Network cameras performance and reliability in extremely cold and warm weather.

Feature Highlights:
▪ N-Series Sony ExmorTM 3M Vandal Dome and Fixed Dome Camera
▪ Support HDTV Video Quality (Full HD 1080p @ 30fps Streaming)
▪ Brickcom WDR Enhancement® technology inside
▪ MPEG-4, MJPEG and H.264 Triple Codec Compression
▪ Intelligent Multi-Profile Sensor Management® for Different Environments
▪ Removable IR-cut Filter /Auto Light Sensor for Day and Night
▪ 1 DI/DO for External Alarm and Sensor Device
▪ 3 Axis design
▪ Two-way Audio/Built-in SD/SDHC Memory Card Slot for Local Storage
▪ IK10 Vandal Proof and IP67 Weather Proof Outdoor Enclosure
▪ Power over Ethernet