Brickcom IP Cameras Integrated with Franz Video Equipment accessories

Brickcom Corporation is glad to annnounce the camera integration with Franz Video Equipment accessories. Franz Video Equipment offers now a wide range of high quality and unique accessories for BRICKCOM IP cameras.
Franz Video Equipment offers a wide product range from simple wallmounts up to high quality housings in stainless steel. Specialy the stainless steel products, all made of 316 steel, allows the Brickcom camera customers to use it on ships, habors ,hospitals or the food industry. Together with the new partner, Brickcom can provide more choices indifferent enviornment  for our customers.

About Franz Video
Since 1993 Franz-Video-Equipment is producing customer-specific video solutions. We are offering a wide range of accessories of well-known camera manufacturers .
We rely on the smart combination of our own product development, development on built-to-order basis for our customers and distribution of high quality video products of famous manufacturers.
You get all services from a single source.

Vandal housing for cube series



Ceiling mount for indoor and outdoor         Stainless Steel Domhousing   


Outdoorhousing for encoder