Microsec showcase Brickcom in SECTECH and the Car Racing Promotion for Brickcom Camera

Microsec from Sweden arranged a car racing game in SECTECH booth (Oct.18-19). Brickcom products (WCB-100Ap and OB -130N) are pleased to be used in recording the car racing game. And the award to the winner is a WCB-100Ap sponsored by Brickcom. Some related information about the car racing in SECTECH Microsec booth and the award from Brickcom on Microsec's website

Brickcom product (WCB-100Ap) recorded the live car racing game. WCB-100Ap delivers excellent video quality for critical surveillance applications. And this wireless products support 802.11 a/b/g/n dual band wireless connectivity and high bandwidth HD video transmission. By utilizing dual band Wi-Fi, the wireless models are able to deliver smooth video and audio surveillance without the interference of network traffic from devices such as laptops, portable phones, and microwaves. The high bandwidth ensures the HD video is transmitted clearly and smoothly.

Brickcom focuses on using friendly, so Brickcom products have Easy Config (WPS) Function. When you press the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button on your camera and router at the same time this creates a secure, encrypted connection between each unit and significantly cuts down on installation time. Paired with the Brickcom Easy Config installation software, the camera offers a secure, easy installation for any environment.
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