Brickcom Introduces Complete Camera Series with ONVIF Profile S Conformance

Brickcom Corporation, a leading provider of IP security solutions, has devoted itself to developing the future of the IP security industry by producing products with support for ONVIF, the global interface standard for network video products. Brickcom is glad to announce the new product series offer ONVIF support. These models include the cube camera series, mini box camera series, fixed box camera series, fixed dome camera series, vandal dome camera series, outdoor bullet camera series, and mini dome camera series. By supporting ONVIF Profile S, these Brickcom products can be added to any existing security system which is compatible with the ONVIF interface standard. Brickcom is currently making every effort to release more products which ONVIF support. All the conformant products are listed on the official ONVIF website.

ONVIF is an Open Network Video Interface Forum which is dedicated to developing a global interface specification for the network video industry. Since it was incorporated in November 2008, ONVIF has grown to over 150 members who are committed to standardizing communication and ensure interoperability between network video devices regardless of manufacturer.

Features of ONVIF Profile S:

  • Profiles allow users to easily identify specific interoperable features by profile.
  • Concept of profiles will simplify interoperability and management of conformant products.
  • Profile S addresses common functionalities of IP video systems.

Updated Features for ONVIF Profile S Conformant Cameras:

  • Video codecs: H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG
  • Audio capabilities: Microphone
  • Events: Input, output and video motion detection (VMD)
  • Other capabilities: Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ)


Brickcom has joined this open forum to express its commitment to create a greater flexibility for the security industry. A global standard interface will allow for increased usability and lower costs for integrators and end users. Brickcom cameras and PC-NVR can be combined with existing, ONVIF supported equipment, which allows for integrators and end users to reduce the cost of installation. Interoperability is a key within the growing IP security industry as many new manufactures are joining the field. Through ONVIF, Brickcom products are now compatible with ONVIF compliant products. Users can combine ONVIF supported products to create the most secure surveillance system.

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