Brickcom’s partners have participated local security events in Hungarian and Romanian regions

September and October are definitely the busiest months to have security events in European countries. Not only Modern Alarm who is one of our local partners chose to have their annual conference in Sümeg- Hotel, Kapitány in Hungary from 10th ~20th September, but also the other partner of ours - Polsec Ltd. attended the IV National IP conference in Budapest, Hungary during 4th~5th October. Both conferences attracted more than 100 participants to join. During the conference, Modern Alarm and Polsec Ltd presented the Brickcom camera technologies such as WiFi transmission, 3G transmission, Edge-recording, and easy installation. Apart from the presentation, there were also live demonstrations for the visitors to witness how good the camera quality is with their own eyes.
The technical support manager Mr. Rudolf Balczó from Modern Alarm said, “Brickcom products are technically stable, also brighten up the palette of our WIFI and standalone 3G IP cameras product line. If we have to beseem in Multi Megapixel camera with special tasks such as intelligent video analysis, edge recording, smart focus functions, taken these all into account, there is no better choices other than Brickcom!”
There is also a quote from Polsec’s engineering manager Mr. Gabor Kis, “The presentation focused on the so-called:Tribrid (CVBS-IP-HD-SDI) solutions. Interestingly, the expert participants did not see the difference between the Brickcom FB-300Np and a HD-SDI box camera. This shows that the borders of technology are fade off with an excellent IP camera!”
In the neighborhood country Romania, Brickcom’s respectful partners Emporium Ltd and Atlas Corporation also joined the Romanian Security Fair 2012 which is dedicated to security technique and took place in Bucharest, Romania, between 25th and 27th October.
The exhibition was open to all providers of technology, solutions and security services from Romania and abroad and also to security experts and consumers. There were over 3000 specialists visitors and a lot of end-users that enjoyed the tradeshow.
Exhibition theme was the need to meet higher market challenges with performante solutions and also to ensure an adequate level of security for residential and business environment and critical infrastructure. In this respect, Brickcom’s new product series which Emporium exhibited on functional panels was a real point of interes for the visitors. The Showcasing of the OB-302Np Series, MB-300Ap Series WCB-100Ap Series, OB-500Af Series, FB-300Np Series and VD-500Af Series during the fair also shows various ranges of products from Brickcom to satisfy the inquiries from different segments of customers.
Their technical team demonstrated the new product features and capabilities and the attendees were especially impressed by the new wireless IP solution promoted and the new 5Megapixel camera series.
With this occasion, Emporium launched a new product catalog including Brickcom’s megapixel cameras, which received a very good feedback from the installers.
According to Emporium”Romanian Security Fair was a great opportunity for Emporium team to present and promote Brickcom’s next generation products, to get in touch with our clients and to meet new potential customers.”
The Same as usual, the superior night vision that N Series network camera can offer was the most eye catching application at the event in both Emporium and Atlas stands. On the other hand, Atlas cooperation also launched Brickcom product line into their product portfolio and said the Owner Mr. Sorin Ciutac, “Brickcom has attracted lot of attentions even from our competitors and this is for sure one of the most successful tradeshows that we had attended throughout past few years.”
Brickcom is pleased to share its success in these above events with all esteemed clients and is grateful for the amazing support from our local partners.
We will continue working on the outstanding technology and hopefully will always be able to offer the most cutting-edge products in surveillance market to our partners.