Welcome to Brickcom in IFSEC UK 2013! @Hall4 D90, May 13th-16th

For this upcoming IFSEC UK, Brickcom is ready to present the latest and most innovative IP surveillance technologies. Can you imagine adjusting focus without help from monitor? Come try it at Brickcom, Hall4 / D90! (Get entry pass)

Brickcom's highlights for this show includes

  • FocusEasyTM
  • World's First ImmerVision Enables 360° Panomorph Mini-Dome Camera
  • Wireless IP Surveillance Technologies
  • New Superior Night Vision 3-Megapixel Cameras
  • 3G-Capable P2P and Home Automation Solution

First of all, Brickcom's FocusEasyTM brings the idea of "Ease of Use" to the next level. With just a few steps, everyone can focus the camera without even using the eyes! Furthermore, Brickcom will announce the world's first ImmerVision Enables 360°mini dome camera. Brickcom will also showcase the new Superior Night Vision N-series 3-megapixel cameras, and Brickcom's remarkable wireless IP surveillance technologies. The 3G-Capable P2P and Home Automation applications are the hotspots in the recent years and one of Brickcom focuses. You are more than welcome to come and see what Brickcom provides for you and your valued partners and clients.

For more information about Brickcom in IFSEC UK 2013, please contact us at info@brickcom.com.

Brickcom's FB-300Np Superior Night Vision