Brickcom's Show Booth Available for Viewing Anytime and Anywhere!!

Brickcom Corporation is pleased to announce the "online exhibition" web site feature, which is a collection of Brickcom’s trade show topics and marketing materials.

With Brickcom’s online exhibition, you can view Brickcom’s products, accessories, documents, applications, solutions simply on a web browser, anytime and anywhere! The look and feel is just like the real physical show booth, but you don’t have to wait in a line and struggle in a packed crowd to see it. The good stuff is just a few clicks away!

If you can’t afford the time to attend the trade shows, or missed the Brickcom booth at the show, or saw Brickcom’s great offering at the show and would like to tell your friends about it, or want to know what Brickcom is all about in the shortest time possible, this is the excellent starting point for you!

To view Brickcom’s online exhibition, please check out the web site, then go to Solution and then Online Exhibition. The online exhibition works on Windows, Mac and Android.

Meanwhile, Brickcom’s online exhibition is also available in the Brickcom Marketing CD.