Brickcom Firmware Upgrade Tool

The Brickcom firmware upgrade tool is meant to make the firmware upgrade process easy even with a bunch of different cameras. Once installed, this software program stays in the Windows system tray, checks automatically and periodically for the new firmware, and pops up a balloon to inform the user when a new firmware release is available. The greatest thing about this tool is it can upgrade dozens of cameras simultaneously, regardless of models. This means upgrading 10 cameras is just the same fast as upgrading 1 camera! There’s no need to worry if you selected the right firmware for the right camera; you just need to select the cameras to upgrade and the firmware upgrade tool does the rest for you!

The Brickcom firmware upgrade tool can be downloaded here. Should you have any problems using this tool, you can click here to see the quick guide.

In case you need the binary firmware images for the manual upgrade, please contact our technical support team for help: