Brickcom 2-Minute Tutorial

Have you ever had problems configuring Brickcom IP cameras? Are there some features of Brickcom products that you are unfamiliar with? It is our pleasure to announce Brickcom 2-minute tutorial Program is officially released.Now, you can learn a new feature of Brickcom products or gain technical knowledge within 2 minutes!

Considering that most people do not have much time to read, and generally they found watching video clips easier than reading a long paragraph of article or the user manual, we provide this 2-minute tutorial program to train our customers for 2 minutes time. What's more, they can keep on watching it again and again if they don’t understand any parts of the topic.

In these 2-minute tutorial videos, we provide the step-by-step instructions to quickly answer the questions users frequently ask. Namely, users are able to watch the 2-minute tutorial videos and set up the cameras at the same time. Currently, we have many video clips available on YouTube and our official website, and we will continue to provide more at any time. If you have difficulties dealing with the cameras which are not covered in the videos, please contact us at Check all videos with the name of "Brickcom 2-minute tutorial" at the following links: