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In order to expand our global markets as well as provide the state-of–the–art products with unsurpassed quality, we cannot be allowed to miss any opportunities to acquire the latest knowledge and information in this surveillance industry. In the past few weeks, we were dedicated to taking part in several seminars and exhibitions from different countries around the world. Thanks to all our partners and participants, the seminar held in San Marino (in Italy), and exhibitions thrown in Istanbul (in Turkey), Paris (in France), and Tehran (in Iran) could draw to a successful close. It is absolutely our pleasure to have your presence at these events. Please check the following list and inform us if you are interested in one. We are definitely willing to share any information and details with you.

NEXTPARTY 2013 in San Marino, Italy

9/19 - 9/22
ISAF in Istanbul, Turkey
Booth No.: Hall 9, A770
9/24 - 9/26
APS in Paris, France
Booth No.: Hall 5.1 Booth E48
9/28 - 10/1
IPAS in Tehran, Iran
Booth No.: A8