Brickcom Cameras Successfully Drew Visitors' Attention in VSC 2013

VSC (Network Video Surveillance Conference) is a fast-growing and national roadshow annually thrown by ROD, showcasing the IP cameras of lots of leading brands, including SONY, Axis, Canon, etc. On October 24, Brickcom took part in VSC 2013 in Kyoto, Japan, and successfully gained attraction and compliments from the visitors.

These visitors, who are mainly the system integrators, were very much impressed by the MD-300Np-360P and CB-500Ap-360P cameras, which are the world's first 3MP/5MP IP cameras with built-in ImmerVision Enables Panomorph lens. They not only deliver the 360-degree surrounding view, but also offer more images details than the fisheye cameras. Furthermore, with the built-in image de-warping function, the visitors could easily operate the PTZ control on multiple views with just the mouse, which enabled them to view the surrounding area and a specific region at the same time, and significantly enhanced their situational awareness. Due to the peak performance and state-of-the-art technology, Brickcom successfully earned positive recognition from the visitors at that event.