IR Focus Shift Achieves True Image Clarity for Both Day Vision and Night Vision

The ability to deliver the clear and focused image, whether during the day or at night, is key to the effectiveness of a surveillance camera the whole time. Brickcom, committed to bringing the best image quality to the market, is proud to announce the IR Focus Shift feature for its new V5 series cameras, which provides the user with the SAME image detail both during the day and at night.

The common issue for a surveillance camera is that, even though well focused for the day vision, the image can still be out of focus at night with the IR illuminator, or vice versa. This is because of the nature of light. The wavelength of the infrared (IR) is in a different range compared to the visible light. Different wavelengths of light have different refractive indexes, and therefore different focal planes when passing through an ordinary lens. This is not an issue for the day vision, since the IR is unwanted and is filtered before passing through the lens, but at night when there is little visible light and the surveillance camera user relies on the IR for night vision, the user will see a slightly de-focused image even if the image is well focused for the day time.

Furthermore, the difference in the lens’ focal length will result in different focal planes. That is, for a vari-focal lens, the image focused in the WIDE mode has a different focal plane from that focused in the TELE mode.

One widely-used technology for addressing this issue is the IR-corrected lens, which minimizes the focal plane difference between the visible light and the IR light via special glass materials and coatings and so on. The IR-corrected lens works great, while not perfect. For example, for a vari-focal IR-corrected lens, the image focused in the WIDE mode still has a different focal plane from that focused in the TELE mode. The IR-corrected lens can produce an improved image overall, but cannot bring the perfectly focused image to both the WIDE mode and the TELE mode.    

Brickcom added intelligence to the camera for further addressing this issue. When switching from the day mode to the night mode (and vice versa), Brickcom’s IR Focus Shift function will force the motorized lens to be re-focused, automatically. The IR Focus Shift function works whether the lens is in the WIDE mode or the TELE mode or anywhere in between. And the user doesn’t need to wait or do anything - it is quickly and automatically done, and the result is perfect!

The IR Focus Shift function is available in Brickcom’s V5 motorized-lens cameras, including 

  • Fixed Dome: FD-200Ap, FD-300Ap, FD-500Ap, FD-200Np, FD-300Np
  • Vandal Dome: VD-200Ap, VD-300Ap, VD-500Ap, VD-200Np, VD-300Np
  • Bullet: (G/W)OB-200Ap, (G/W)OB-300Ap, (G/W)OB-500Ap, (G/W)OB-200Np, (G/W)OB-300Np


  IR Corrected Lens IR Focus Shift
Perfectly Focused Images for Visible Light & IR Light Averagely Good, Not Optimal YES 
Perfectly Focused Images for TELE and WIDE Averagely Good, Not Optimal YES 
Automatic Adjustment YES  YES 
Done by Camera's Intelligence NO YES