Brickcom Announces the Hydra Series Camera - World’s 1st Triple Extendible Covert Camera

Brickcom is proud to announce the new breed in its camera portfolio: the Hydra series. As the name suggests, the product is capable of connecting up to 3 cameras with the transmission cables. The Hydra series is the world’s 1st simultaneous triple extendible covert HDTV IP camera, offering the substantial advantage in the total cost of ownership (TCO), ease of use, and applicability. The debut of the Hydra series is another symbol for Brickcom’s commitment to driving innovation and bringing the best products to the market.

The 1st member of the Hydra series is the PH-100Ah Kit. The default configuration of the PH-100Ah Kit consists of 1 unit of VB-03 video box and 1 unit of PH-100Ah super mini camera, and has the capability of connecting up to 3 PH-100Ah cameras.

The PH-100Ah Kit reveals the following advantages and strengths:

Achieving Lower TCO

With the Hydra series, the user can have 2 cameras for the cost of less than 2, and can have 3 cameras for the cost of less than 3 (maybe less than 2!) Furthermore, this triple-camera system runs merely on 1 IP address, 1 PoE cable, and 1 Ethernet port. In addition to the reduced equipment cost, the user also benefits from the cost savings on the labor, time, and maintenance.

Extendible Lens Modules

The PH-100Ah camera is connected to the VB-03 via the extension cable. The user is able to install the VB-03 in one place, while installing the PH-100Ah in another place and monitoring where a regular camera can’t if not installed there.

Unobtrusive Monitoring

The PH-100Ah only serves the imaging purpose, therefore it can be made extremely small and compact, which fits the inconspicuous viewing applications very well.

Multi-Purpose Monitoring for Various Applications

Up to 3 PH-100Ah cameras can be attached to the VB-03. More Hydra series cameras are coming out to offer the user a variety of choices in the form factor, optics, and imaging capability.

Collaborative Monitoring

With 3 PH-100Ah cameras attached to the VB-03, the PH-100Ah Kit can either monitor 3 different places simultaneously, or monitor a particular place from 3 distinct viewpoints. Such applications can also be achieved by 3 conventional cameras, but the PH-100Ah Kit possesses the unbeatable advantage when the TCO is taken into consideration.