Brickcom and WitnessAll Bring You Cloud VMS for $4/M

Here’s a partnership that puts money back in your pocket.

WitnessAll partnered with Brickcom to deliver distributive cloud managed VMS for $4/Month/Camera.

Record the video on the camera and manage the system via cloud based software.

  • 100% cloud based software, No more NVR to install or software to download.
  • You determine end user pricing, set your margins and bundle it with alarm services.
  • Sell under your brand, your logo.

Sign up just one customer a month on WitnessAll and reach $20,000 in recurring revenue in 3 years, and we both know you can do more than one customer a month.

Learn more by visiting or calling (877) 749 1871 for a demo account.

About WitnessAll
WitnessAll is a cloud managed VMS solution that turns your surveillance system into a key management tool, so much more than just endless video streams. WitnessAll software monitors multiple sensors and displays meaningful notifications in your dashboard, and, if desire, sends alerts to your email when designated events occur at your business location. We do it all without having a recorder onsite and by simply connecting cameras to our cloud VMS. To learn more visit us at