Brickcom Announces NR-1000 Series and NR-2000 Series Stand-Alone NVRs for High-Quality and Stable Recording Solution

Brickcom is pleased to announce the new NVR series in the BrickOne Solution® family: NR-1104 (one bay standalone NVR with 4 channels recording), NR-2104 (two bay standalone NVR with 4 channels recording), NR-2108 (two bay standalone NVR with 8 channels recording), and NR-2116 (two bay standalone NVR with 16 channels recording). Brickcom new NVR series supports local display of Full HD quality, remote monitoring, megapixel recording, and playback.

Brickcom NR-1000 series and NR-2000 series network video recorder (NVR) are Intel-based recording solution for SMB and SOHO users to effectively grow and navigate their network surveillance systems.  This NVR is equipped with an embedded Linux operating system to allow users to remotely monitor, record, and view live video feed from up to 4, 8, and 16 Brickcom network cameras. With the support of HD/Full HD resolution and H.264 compression, it uses less bandwidth while offering the optimal recording quality and image viewing.

From the hardware perspective:

  • Intel CPU for excellent megapixel recording and provides network throughput up to 360Mbps.
  • Support up to 4 TB storage capacity per hard disk drive.
  • Built-in advanced RAID configuration
  • Support video output via HDMI and DVI connector for high image quality local display.

From the software perspective:

  • Linux-embedded system offers more green and power saving.
  • NR-1000 series and NR-2000 series support various vompression formats and various recording modes.
  • Remote monitoring offers control of PTZ camera and lets users view preset positions of the IP cameras.
  • Powerful event management (Event Triggered Recording, E-mail Notification, and Video Clip/Snapshot via e-mail, etc.)
  • Intuitive multi-channel playback allows exporting video files in AVI format and taking a snapshot during playback time.
  • User-friendly video search by date, time, channel, normal record, event, and recovered files.

Brickcom NR-1000 series and NR-2000 series are on hot selling now.