Brickcom Announces New Cloud-Enabled Cameras with ioteo SA

Brickcom Corporation is pleased to announce the new cloud-enabled version of the two popular models: OB-200Af V5 and FD-201Af with the new cloud services in Europe from ioteo SA. 

“ioteo is pleased to partner with Brickcom, an important name in the IP cameras field, in order to drive unprecedented transformations of the video surveillance. In the video surveillance cloud services environment that we operate in, it is important to have the flexibility that we strive to offer to our customers with. We have partnered with Brickcom, because they have the resources to adapt quickly their products to new markets and because they share our strategy and vision concerning cloud services. The integration of our firmware into the cloud enabled cameras of Brickcom and our ioteoCloud platform are the perfect answers to a huge amount of European customers” needs.” says Luc DELEU, President & CEO of ioteo.

Easy Setup without Maintenance
Technology, complex it may seem, should simplify people's lives. In its efforts to develop products and services easier to use, ioteo launched ioteoCloud in the beginning of 2014. With a variety of features, this IoT cloud platform revolutionizes video surveillance. This solution does not require any special knowledge. Installation is simple and fast. The installer can configure an ioteo empowered IP camera, as the OB-200Af V5 or FD-201Af from Brickcom, for their customers in few minutes and can be easily integrated into an existing alarm system. In the interest of continuous improvement, the camera firmware is updated automatically without any effort from installers.

Secured Cloud Storage with Advanced Motion Detection
These cloud based IP cameras with the optional ioteoCloud subscription replace expensive video surveillance systems with NVRs and their complicated installation process. Based on the principles of the Internet of Things, the ioteo-empowered Brickcom cameras are intelligent IP cloud cameras connected to the Internet. The end user can easily control the camera and view in real time videos captured at high-definition quality, day and night by only accessing their Smartphone, PC or tablet. With the optional service ioteoCloud that records and stores the videos for 30 days in the highly secured cloud servers, it is no longer necessary to install and maintain any other recording equipment. All the client software are delivered free of charge by ioteo.

Likewise, the ioteo empowered Brickcom cameras have an enhanced motion detection built to detect real movement and to instantly notify the user through the smartphone in-app notifications and email when/if something happens – even in case of malfunctioning or power outage.

The ioteo-empowered Brickcom cameras are available for European market. For further details please contact your Brickcom country manager.

About ioteo SA
ioteo SA ( was founded in 2013 with the goal to deliver a go-to platform for interconnecting smart objects by creating innovative, easy to use services that simplify our day-to-day life and that are accessible to everybody. Through ioteoCloud the Company offers an innovative cloud-based audio and video surveillance solution with continuous 30 day, 24/7 recording in a highly secured environment. Our services are widely used by people across Europe and Asia to watch over babies, keep an eye on pets or avoid house robberies.