Brickcom Collaborates with DIGIEVER on Edge Recording

Brickcom's partnership with DIGIEVER has gone one step further with the announcement of DIGIEVER's edge recording support for the Brickcom IP cameras. This value-added feature enables both companies to build an IP surveillance system with high video availability regardless of blackouts or network failures.

Blackouts and network failures are the Achilles' heel for the IP video surveillance system.When these happens, the cameras will be down or lose the network connection. Lost video almost always equals "lost evidence" since no one knows what could have happened on the spot at that time, which undermines the surveillance system's effectiveness. The uninterruptible power supply (UPS) may be in place for the cameras, NVRs, and network equipment, but is usually too expensive to be a viable solution.

With the edge recording support, the camera can record the video to its local storage (typically an SD or micro SD card) when its connection to the network fails. Once the connection is recovered, the video during the network downtime will be sent to the NVR to fill in the missing parts. Edge recording assures the availability of video, and is anticipated for the mission-critical video surveillance needs, such as bank monitoring or crime suppression.

The Brickcom IP cameras with local storage is "edge recording-ready" when connected to the DIGIEVER NVR. Edge recording is supported by DIGIEVER's entire NVR line, including the DS-8200-RM Pro, DS-4200-RM Pro, DS-4200 Pro, DS-2100 Pro, DS-1100 Pro and DS-4000 and DS-2000 series.