Brickcom and Qualitrade Announce New Partnership

Taiwan/India (1st August 2011). Brickcom Corporation, a leading manufacturer of IP surveillance equipment and a pioneer of wireless surveillance solutions, and Qualitrade, a hi-tech digital security and surveillance products distributor in the India market, have partnered together to bring Brickcom products to India.

India offers a wide range of applications for the surveillance industry, from residential to commercial. Brickcom offers a wide product portfolio including a wide range of multi-megapixel IP network cameras, camera accessories, and networking equipment which can be combined to create a surveillance solution for any application. Brickcom cameras offer a design which is customizable to the user’s needs, providing extensive configuration options for different environments and lighting conditions. In addition to wired IP solutions, Brickcom offers unique dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n, 3G, and WiMAX surveillance cameras and equipment which offer a cost-effective solution for applications where cabling is difficult or costly to install.

Qualitrade team acknowledges and states that, “We are very pleased to have Brickcom as our main IP surveillance brand. From our own testing of the Brickcom cameras, we have found they offer very high quality and stable design. The easy to use design of these cameras ensure that our partners have shortened installation time and an easy time using the cameras.”

Jessica Lin, Sales Manager from Brickcom said, “The partnership with Qualitrade offers a very smooth path to entering the India market. With their long experience in this industry, they have built a powerful customer base and will be able to provide instant technical support and training courses for their customers. We are excited to work with such an experience company and look forward to expanding further into the India market.”

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