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Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP surveillance solution provider, announces the new website is officially online now. In order to provide the best service and user-friendly interface for the visitors, Brickcom creates and designs the latest official website by analyzing the actions visitors did. With the fresh and stylish webpage as well as the online intelligent technical support service, customers are able to completely experience the brand-new official website without any delay.

The new official website divides all network cameras into four series, including “Budgetary Series”, “Universal Series”, “High Performance & Resolution Series”, and “Unique Series”. Via the clear and specific classification, users can not only quickly get the details related to the wanted products, but precisely compare the functions and features of the different products. Moreover, the oncoming webpages, “Help Desk” and “RMA Status Tracking”, will efficiently help customers to solve any problems about the products, and track the RMA status and any updates at all times. Undoubtedly, the Brickcom new official website will definitely become the best useful and beneficial assistant for the visitors and customers.

Brickcom has been dedicated to developing the useful interface and actively redefining the traditional thinking and concepts for a long time. As a leading IP surveillance solution provider, Brickcom will absolutely keep going forward with you. Do not hesitate, and click here to enjoy the all new Brickcom official website immediately.