Brickcom Introduces IVA Technology – Be Your Sherlock

Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP surveillance solution provider, is pleased to introduce the Brickcom Superb Detective – Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) technology, including Intrusion Detection, Tampering Detection, Object Status Change Detection and People Counting. IVA technology not only improves the usability of video analysis, but also be able to extend the application to different fields. User will have better experience through controlling more detail with less cost.

The following paragraphs give the detail introduction of Brickcom IVA technology:

  • Intrusion Detection: Users are able to choose numerous areas and the device can monitor those regions. The device will send a real-time alerting to the user while the suspicious object appears in secured zone.
  • Tampering Detection: Tampering alarm technology will automatically alert to security staffs while the device have been damaged purposely or being interfered, which allows staffs to protect camera and against the violence. Active tampering alarm detects incidents include Out of Focus, Scene too Dark, Scene too Bright and Interference Sensitivity.
  • Object Status Change Detection: Users can focus on several objects and set up the alert area to protect the important properties. While the object status has changed, the camera will send the alarm to inform the users that the property may have been stolen by burglars.
  • People Counting: Users can define an area to count the number of people to monitor the pedestrian traffic. With the real-time notification, users allow to improve the marketing strategy, facilities management, staffing, security, and so on. (For high performance & resolution camera series project only, will be available in Q4)


IVA technology is supported on the Brickcom high performance & resolution camera series, universal series (VD-300Np Star, OB-300Np Star, FB-200Np and MD-300Np Star) and budgetary series (VD-202Ne and OB-202Ne). Mainly to help the users to increase the surveillance quality with an immediate notification when normal camera operation is disturbed or detects the threats. IVA technology benefits users with a comprehensive and efficient event detection and alarm system. Brickcom is and will always be committed to bringing to the market the cutting-edge and innovative products at competitive prices. The IVA technology will be available in September 2015, for more information about the IVA technology, please contact