Brickcom Announces Partnership with P.T. CERNA CORPORATION

Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP surveillance solution provider, is pleased to announce the distribution partnership in Philippines with P.T. CERNA CORPORATION (PTCC). The two companies will work closely to strongly position and distribute the Brickcom IP surveillance products in Philippines. PTCC was established in 1983, for the last 32 years, foresight is a major underlying concept of the company’s business philosophy and growth strategy. PTCC integrates professional experience and expertise with current global technology to create solutions to customers needs.

As one of best distributor of Brickcom, PTCC serves its customers through understanding and analyzing the problems or requirements quickly and readily. Through these efforts, PTCC can provide immediate and timely solutions specific and customized to the client. This concept has made PTCC to allocate a good portion of its resources in establishing Strategic Business Units (SBU) in the different areas of the country. Presently, PTCC has 9 SBUs spread out in the country and 8 Satellite offices supporting the SBUs to provide the level best local service and support in Philippines.

PTCC’s products portfolio is thoroughly tested to ensure products meet and exceed specifications. PTCC offers a wide range of industrial solutions while incorporate the cutting-edge Brickcom IP surveillance system as an even more complete total solution for the industrial customers. In the meantime, PTCC also build up a brand new SBU for the commercial field customers to support different segment in the market. PTCC, which promises customers with the highest quality products and best technical support, is truly reliable and trustworthy.