Brickcom German distributor EFB Elektronik Showcased Brickcom’s Solutions Successfully at the In-house Trade Fair

Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP surveillance solution provider, is focused on offering the customers the superior products and cutting-edge technologies. Brickcom is actively participating the trade shows worldwide to listen to the different markets. In October, Brickcom German distributor EFB Elektronik showcased Brickcom’s solutions at the in-house trade fair from their partner J.W. Zander Freiburg Elektogroßhandel and Moster Elektrogroßhandel.  The vertical solutions were extremely impressive and extraordinary.

In order to innovate products to fit customers’ needs, Brickcom always like to take one step closer to talk to customers directly to collect more feedbacks and understand different kind of surveillance application. Therefore, Brickcom will be able to provide customers not only professional products but also quality services. Brickcom is and will always be committed to bringing to the market the cutting-edge and innovative products at competitive prices. For more information about Brickcom, please contact