Brickcom Released the Latest Firmware Officially in Q4

Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP surveillance solution provider, released the new firmware to enrich the product functionality and adaptability. Brickcom product line includes “Budgetary Series”, “Universal Series”, “High Performance & Resolution Series”, and “Unique Series”, all series support with the new firmware. The major function expansions are supported and updated in the latest firmware as below:

  • Open VPN/ EVBR: Open VPN provides users with a safer surveillance environment with the certification verification. EVBR technology provides better encoding capability with predictable bandwidth consumption. Open VPN and EVBR are supported on the all Brickcom camera series.
  • i-Stream / i-Mode:  i-Stream technology helps users to allocate the bandwidth smartly and effectively as well as perfectly save the storage space. i-Mode technology aims to build an easy-to-use platform for users to select the appropriate mode efficiently. i-Stream and i-Mode technology are supported on the all Brickcom camera series (except OB-E200Nf & VD-E200Nf, OB-200Np-LR WDRPro-20X, Hydra Camera and Speed Dome Camera).
  • IVA: Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) technology, which not only improves the usability of video analysis, but also be able to extend the application to different fields. IVA technology is supported on the Brickcom High Performance & Resolution Series, Universal Series (VD-300Np Star, OB-300Np Star, FB-200Np and MD-300Np Star) and Budgetary Series (VD-202Ne and OB-202Ne).

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