Brickcom Product Launch - ACK module

Brickcom is proud to announce Amazon Communication Kit (ACK) module which can benefit not only end users but also IOT product makers.


Alexa, the IOT control service, leverages the market power of Amazon voice assistant devices “Amazon Echo” recently gains the mass market attention, which can be proved by the shipping amount of  Amazon Echo in 2021/Q2 (30 million).


Most importantly, half of those Echo users have their own IOT smart home devices because Alexa makes those IOT devices even more smart. Users do not need to connect to different cloud or even install various APP just to control their IOT devices as long as the IOT devices is “Alexa Integrated”.


In makers’ perspective, they can forget about cloud, app and user account management and focus on improving the product functionality by just simply insert Brickcom ACK module into the product. Brickcom ACK module will handle all the complexity of internet setting, cloud integration and BLE device configuration, which saves not only the engineering resource to setup and maintain cloud server, but also speed up the product development.

Brickcom ACK module are equipped with 2.4G WIFI, 5.0 BLE and M0 powerful micro-controler:


1. BLE 5.0 handles the configuration between Smart phone, Alexa Echo and IOT device.

2. 4G WIFI handles the internet communication between Alexa Cloud and IOT device.

3. M0 micro-controller handles the control logic of IOT device. Ex. Light-on/ Light-off for Smart Lighting, turn on/off heater/cooler for smart air conditioner.

Brickcom is and will always be committed to bring to the market the cutting-edge and innovative products. Brickcom ACK module will be launched in 2022Q1, for more information about smart wireless battery intrusion camera, please contact at