Low carbon emission camera with LPR for AI parking lot

Brickcom Corporation, a leading IP video product solution provider, is proud to announce the parking lot product – AI LPR Camera.

Quick camera power startup and shutdown
FB-201Np is an ultra low-power consumption camera. In the most common scenarios of the parking entrance, FB-201Np is triggered to boot up immediately by an induction car license plate and enters to standby mode after send the license plate to backend.  

Smart Design
The 1st image of FB-201Np could be taken within 0.3 sec. and the whole recognition of the license plate would be within 1 sec. Therefore, the task of license plate recognition can be accomplished within 3 sec and the return to the standby mode. This can save 95% of electricity in one day.


Working with Professional Car Reader System:

  • FB-201Np also supports the ONVIF protocol that helps the power users to integrate into their SMB / Professional surveillance system.ARM® Cortex® -M4 32-bit processor with FPU, 64 MHz
  • The license plate can be searched on the full screen, that is, any position of the license plate on the screen can be successfully identified. Or search for license plates within a set range for identification.
  • It can identify the license plate numbers of all types of vehicles and different formats, including passenger cars, taxis, small trucks, buses, large trucks, heavy machinery, and other license plates.
  • The core technology of AI network identification is adopted to effectively improve the accuracy of identification.
  • The image processing effect is good for skewed license plates and uneven light and shade.
  • It can operate 24 hours and can perform license plate recognition operations day and night (need to be equipped with appropriate lighting at night).
  • According to the needs of the actual environment, the external signal trigger (DI) or image trigger (Motion) can be set for individual AI Cameras.
  • The accuracy of day and night recognition is over 98% (except for contamination or occlusion).

Brickcom is and will always be committed to bring to the market the cutting-edge and innovative products. Smart AI camera will be launched in Q4 2023, for more information about smart wireless battery intrusion camera, please contact at info@brickcom.com.