InstantFindⓇcreates a new future for IoT data transmission

Brickcom Corporation Technology, a technology company focusing on the integrated research and development of wireless technology, has launched a completely innovative and unique Bluetooth network transmission system – InstantFindⓇ.  As an innovator in the field of IoT, Brickcom Corporation Technology aims to create a simpler and more convenient IoT life experience for clients, making it easier to transmit and obtain IoT data, and InstantFindⓇ, a revolutionary data transmission system, this service is fully in line with the original intention of Brickcom Corporation Technology to serve consumers. InstantFindⓇ is a Bluetooth Module.  In addition to having all the functions of Bluetooth, it can also upload any data to the cloud (time/coordinates/temperature/ Humidity/height various information).


From a hardware perspective, the InstantFindⓇ Module is an ultra-low-power Bluetooth Module (long distance/ultra-low power consumption).  It transmits once every 2 seconds and only requires < 0.08mW. It can replace any Bluetooth Module on the market.  Provide original Bluetooth functions and services. Looking at the entire system, in addition to the Bluetooth transmission function, it can also perform background one-way low-speed data upload to the cloud at a few Bytes (text) per second without network or pairing.


Looking at the entire system, in addition to the Bluetooth transmission function, it can also perform background one-way low-speed data upload to the cloud at a few Bytes (text) per second without network or pairing.  As a partner of Nordic Semiconductor, InstantFindⓇ uses Nordic Bluetooth low-power solutions, which are very suitable for application in the field of smart medical and health care products to assist in the transmission of various physiological data.  It also works closely with Nordic Semiconductor to promote related markets, in other IoT applications, smart cities (smart trash cans/toilet paper), cold chain, and fleet management, uploading various environmental data.


InstantFindⓇ has a wide range of application markets and suitable usage scenarios.  It is almost ubiquitously integrated into all walks of life in our daily lives.  Bluetooth is a necessary mainstream transmission function for every mobile phone. In the Bluetooth-related market alone, InstantFindⓇ Bluetooth Module (BLE ) replaces the Bluetooth Modules already on the market and can provide a more cost-effective business model than other Bluetooth Modules.  InstantFindⓇ Bluetooth Module combines cloud transmission services with background information that others do not have, creating greater added value.   In various industries that require transmission services, such as car anti-theft, smart garbage solutions, water dispensers, smart thermometers and hygrometers, health management/smart medical care/smart insoles, the overall market size is quite large.  In the car anti-theft/car positioning market Medium and ultra-low power consumption, combined with an energy harvesting zero-carbon emission/low-carbon emission system (solar panel), the energy harvesting is self-sufficient, and combined with automotive products such as tire pressure monitors, it can actively report and track the vehicle's real-time location and route Track, transmit tire pressure, mileage, fuel consumption and other related vehicle information to support fleet management services.


The smart trash can sensor notifier can automatically detect the remaining capacity of the trash can and provide managers with real-time capacity information.  It uses low-power transmission technology to send out instant notifications when the capacity is insufficient, achieving 100% net-zero standards ( Zero carbon emissions), the smart toilet paper sensor notification device can automatically detect the remaining amount of toilet paper, which is similar to the previous solution.  The smart water dispenser can automatically detect water quality and provide users with real-time water quality information/filter health. When a water quality problem is detected, it will immediately send out a notification alarm to remind you to check/replace the filter. Smart temperature and humidity sensors can automatically detect environmental conditions and provide users with real-time temperature and humidity information, which is suitable for cold chain related industries.  It is also very suitable for application in the field of smart medical and health products, assisting in the transmission of various physiological data, or other related applications in the IoT market.


InstantFindⓇ utilizes billions of mobile devices or websites around the world to help locate or obtain data without the need for GPS or SIM cards.  The device can send encrypted Bluetooth signals to surrounding mobile devices that provide real-time data services, and internally search for device data in real time and transmit it to the owner. On the device, the process adds encrypted, providing customers with a simple way to track any device data, it has advanced from using Bluetooth range to a global transmission system, expanding its application scope, such as the automotive market, healthcare, environmental sensing and other different aspects.

Key features and benefits of InstantFindⓇ:

1. No network settings required:
It does not require any additional network settings and comes with its own cloud service. By using the surrounding network, background data can be uploaded to the Internet or any designated cloud in one direction, allowing users with data transmission to achieve maximum convenience.  Limited by the existing services of various mobile telecommunications operators.

2. Green energy, environmental protection and zero carbon emissions:
It has ultra-low power consumption and can be self-sufficient in a very small solar version. It fully complies with the standards of net zero (zero carbon emissions) and is a trend in the world.

3. Super high cost performance:
Excellent value for money, low-power transmission service without any telecommunications charges.

4. Support various business models:
Brickcom Corporation Technology not only provides InstantFindⓇ Bluetooth Modules and network data transmission services, but also provides cloud platform services.  For customers who need customized services, Brickcom Corporation Technology can also provide complete solutions and design Products that are in line with the end market, while combining Bluetooth network data transmission and cloud platform system’s one-stop service.。


The release of InstantFindⓇ takes low-power micro-transmission technology to a new milestone, bringing users a more personalized and convenient life experience.  Brickcom Corporation Technology is committed to promoting the innovative development of IoT technology and providing better services to consumers around the world lifestyle.


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