NUUO NVR IP+ Software and NVRmini Now Support Brickcom Megapixel IP Cameras

Taiwan - [March 15, 2011]. NUUO, the world's leading provider of open platform video management solutions, and Brickcom Corporation, a leading manufacturer of IP surveillance equipment and pioneer of wireless surveillance solutions, announce the integration of NUUO's PC Based NVR IP+ software and NVRmini recording solution with a variety of Brickcom's megapixel IP cameras. The supported Brickcom models include the Fixed Box FB-100A, FB-100Ae, WFB-100A, and WFB-100Ae; Cube CB-100A, CB-100Ae, WCB-100A, and WCB100Ae; and Fixed Dome FD-100A and FD-100Ae. With the combination of the Point of Sale (POS) function of the NUUO recording solutions and the detailed video surveillance offered by Brickcom cameras, this integration offers a flexible and cost-effective solution for commercial, banking, and retail industries.

Brickcom IP cameras use embedded megapixel progressive image sensors and CPU to deliver extremely detailed 1280x800-pixel images at 30 frames-per-second. By offering H.264, MJPEG, and MPEG-4 triple codec compression, the Brickcom FB-100A, CB-100A, and FD-100A reduce bandwidth and storage requirements without compromising video quality. The wireless Fixed Box and Cube cameras can be installed at any location with wireless coverage. The video surveillance from all Brickcom network cameras can be accessed from any internet access point through a web browser or 3G mobile phone.

NUUO's PC-Based NVR (IP+) is an open platform recording solution that manages up to 128 IP network cameras. This software allows users to easily manage live video streams from multiple IP cameras and video serves with an intuitive GUI recording schedule and interactive E-map. Other unique functions include NUUO intelligent video solution (IVS), event detection and intelligent playback search, video enhancement tools, and mobile (3G) support. Brickcom's cameras will join the other 950 Ip camera models and 45 brands that are currently compatible with NUUO's NVR IP+ software to create a flexible solution for monitoring medium to large scale surveillance projects.

Integration of Brickcom's cameras with the NUUO NVRmini offers a stable and easy-to-install solution for home, bank, and retail surveillance. The NVRmini can effectively manage up to 16 IP cameras using its Linux-embedded system, online GUI recording schedule, E-map, NUUO iPhone iViewer support, playback and intelligent search functions. The NUUO Point of Sales system enables the NVRmini to overlay the transaction text from a cash register onto the live video channels, creating a searchable tracking and surveillance solution for retail stores.

"This new relationship with NUUO is part of our effort to offer users the most complete value-added, easy to use surveillance solutions," said Ebony Huang, President and CEO of Brickcom Corporation. "NUUO's open platform recording solutions offer a vast opportunity for users to integrate our cameras into existing surveillance systems or to develop systems which capitalize on the benefits of the clear video quality offered by our cameras and efficient management and navigation provided by NUUO's NVRs."

"We are very excited to integrate with Brickcom as a total surveillance solution," said William Kao, CEO of NUUO Inc. "This is not just a stable surveillance system; this is a high quality monitoring and recording system as well. Our achievements not only offer convenience to people but also offer a safer environment as well."

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