Brickcom Makes Remote Access Easy with EasyLink™

When comparing IP Camera technology with CCTV technology, it is very easy to see why IP cameras represent the fastest growing product segment in the video surveillance market. IP cameras utilize Internet Protocol to transmit visual and audio data over a computer network and through the internet. The use of IP creates one of the strongest advantages for IP cameras: remote accessibility. With the proper configuration, the video surveillance from IP cameras can be accessed from virtually any location with access to the internet. However, the use of IP can bring about a technical barrier because remotely accessing an IP camera requires knowledge of networking settings, such as port forwarding, DDNS, and router settings. This can deter users from using IP technology if they feel they do not have the necessary knowledge or the financial resources to hire a professional.

Brickcom Corporation has designed an EasyLink™ feature which offers a unique and easy solution for remotely accessing IP cameras. Requiring no networking or port forwarding configuration, EasyLink™ allows users to assign a unique domain name to their IP camera which can be accessed from virtually any location worldwide.

Remote AccessUsers must go through several steps in order to remotely access their IP camera. The first step is to make sure that the camera is connected to a router which is able to access the internet. Once the IP camera can connect to the internet, the user must then access the router and configure port forwarding to allow the IP camera to be accessed from the WAN side. However, unless the camera is assigned a static IP address, the IP camera will have a dynamic IP address which can change on a regular basis. The user will then have to repeat the configuration and port forwarding process every time the IP address changes in order to remotely access the camera. With networking configuration involving IP addresses, router settings, and port forwarding, accessing an IP camera remotely may be easy for technical professionals, but for many IP camera users it can be intimidating.

Brickcom Solution
Brickcom Corporation has developed a unique feature, EasyLink™, which allows users to assign a unique domain name to their network camera’s IP address. EasyLink™ uses UPnP technology to pass through a router’s NAT and automatically obtain the camera’s IP information. Once this feature has been enabled, users can remotely access their IP camera’s Live View and web GUI without having to configure the router to open up ports or remember hard-to-memorize IP addresses.

This feature is free for all Brickcom cameras and is easy to configure. During the initial camera setup, EasyLink™can be configured using Brickcom’s EasyConfig software or the EasyLink™ domain name can be configured anytime from the camera’s web GUI. After the domain name is assigned, users can log onto [UniqueEasyLinkName] from virtually any Internet access point and begin viewing the IP camera’s video feed.

Easy with EasyLink™
Paired with Brickcom IP cameras, EasyLink™ provides a unique and easy to use resource for remotely accessing an IP camera. With a unique domain name which can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world, users no longer have to worry about dynamic IP addresses, port forwarding, or networking configuration. They can enjoy the benefits of IP technology and remotely monitor their home or property with ease.