Brickcom Offers an Easy Path to Wireless IP Surveillance

Have you ever thought about deploying a wireless surveillance system? Did you know that you can use your existing infrastructure and electrical wiring? Wireless surveillance combines wireless transmission with network video surveillance to create a powerful solution that overcomes the challenges that prevent many people from installing surveillance and monitoring systems. These challenges can include distance, lack of network infrastructure, environmental conditions, and costs. However, while wireless surveillance can overcome these barriers, the world of wireless surveillance can leave many people with worries about bandwidth requirements and reliability of the wireless connection.

Brickcom offers a cost-efficient and smooth path from installing to using a wireless IP surveillance system. The company utilizes a strong background in producing broadband networking equipment to create dependable wireless IP cameras for all environments.

Overcome Installation ChallengesA wireless IP surveillance system can offer an affordable solution to installation challenges such as distance, lack of network infrastructure, and costs. Deploying a wired surveillance system over a large area can be difficult because wired cameras are limited to where they can be placed by the length of their wires. If surveillance is needed in remote areas, it can be difficult and costly to install the necessary cabling for a surveillance camera to operate.

Wireless surveillance systems provide users the flexibility to place surveillance systems in areas without restrictions due to cabling or environment. Brickcom wireless IP cameras are fast and easy to install in remote and hard to reach places because they can use the existing internet network and power resources. With the WPS (Wi-FI Protected Setup) feature for easy camera to router connection, anyone can quickly assemble a wireless surveillance system and manage each camera with Brickcom’s user-friendly GUI.

Bandwidth and Reliability MisconceptionsThere are many misconceptions about wireless surveillance which may lead people to create a wired solution and miss out on the benefits of a wireless system. End users may be concerned about the costs of routers and bandwidth, but Brickcom provides users the flexibility to design a wireless surveillance system which meets their bandwidth capacity. The web GUI can easily configure the camera to record at low frame rates during normal activity and record at the best quality during triggered events, using valuable bandwidth only when necessary.

Reliability can become a major concern for someone considering installing a wireless surveillance system. When hearing the word wireless, many people may be concerned over the possibility of the camera losing connection with the router and losing valuable surveillance coverage. Brickcom has overcome this problem by developing cameras which operate perfectly in all types of environments with an operating temperature of 0°C ~ 50°C (32°F ~122°F) and operating humidity of 10% ~ 80%. If the wireless signal is dropped, the camera takes as little as fifteen seconds to re-establish the connection. Each Brickcom camera model is equipped with an SD/SDHC memory card slot which allows for the camera to record video to a memory card if the connection is ever lost, ensuring that valuable video footage is never lost.

Brickcom SolutionsBrickcom is backed by a solid foundation for engineering quality network video equipment with a Research and Development Department that has been producing wireless broadband networking equipment for over twenty years. The company uses this strong background to develop IP cameras that combine megapixel resolution and three types of codec compression to produce picture-like quality video surveillance without using valuable bandwidth. With a variety of camera models available, anyone can customize a surveillance system to their environmental and financial requirements.

To transmit this high quality video feed in a wireless environment, Brickcom offers three wireless solutions which can be used individually or combined to create a tiered wireless solution: dual-band WiFi, 3G SIM module, and WiMAX. With our WiFi and 3G SIM module solutions, wireless cameras only need to be placed within range of the wireless or 3G network to transmit the high quality video. WiMAX is ideal for situations where a surveillance system needs to cover a large area. With one base station and one or more Customer Premise Equipment, it can be used to transmit telecom-grade signal coverage and quality over an area up to 10 miles (15 kilometers).

An IP surveillance system can provide home owners peace of mind when they are away from their homes, business owners protection from theft, and corporations labor savings through the ability to monitor multiple locations from one centralized location. Brickcom strives to provide state-of-the-art equipment and wireless transmission solutions for users to be able to create a customized, wireless IP surveillance system for any environment.