Brickcom Releases the Next Generation Cube Camera: the Megapixel Cube CB-101A Network Camera with Power over Ethernet

Brickcom Corporation, a leading manufacturer of IP surveillance products, announces the release of the next generation Cube camera, the CB-101A Series. It includes the stylish design and many advanced features of the Brickcom CB-100A, but adds support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) and a DI/DO terminal to increase the ease of installation and protection offered. This Megapixel Cube Network Camera offers an easy-to-use, high quality video surveillance solution for residences and small businesses.

Incorporating the best features of the CB-100A, the Brickcom CB-101A is designed to create a standalone security system which provides end users with high quality video feed. The embedded megapixel image sensor and CPU allow for each camera to stream real time, high resolution video at 30 fps. It offers three types of codec compression options, MPEG-4, MJPEG and H.264, to optimize streaming efficiency. The built-in micro SD memory card slot allows enables users to save video feed to a memory card thus eliminating the need for an onsite PC or NVR for memory storage.

The CB-101A simplifies installation by supporting 802.3af compliant PoE, enabling the unit to receive power and transmit data through the same cable. It can easily be accessed from any internet browser or 3G mobile device using the Brickcom EasyLinkTM feature, which allows users to assign a unique URL to their camera for viewing live video feed. There is no need to configure the router to open up ports or remember hard-to-memorize Internet addresses.

The DI/DO terminal, PIR sensor, and illumination LED features work together to enhance the surveillance protection offered by the CB-101A. The DI/DO terminal allows users to connect the CB-101A to external alarm and sensor devices for added security protection. With accessories such as a smoke detector and features such as the PIR sensor, users can create an advanced home security system which can be programmed to alert the user through email in the event of theft, fire, or unauthorized entry.

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