Brickcom Cube Camera is Awarded the ITEX Gold Medal

At ITEX 2010 in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia, the Brickcom Wireless Cube Camera was awarded the ITEX Gold Medal. Of the seventy inventions entered in the exhibition, the Cube Camera drew attention because of its unique design which encloses the built-in antenna within the camera's housing.

The 21st International, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition (ITEX), which is organized every year by the Malaysian Invention and Design Society (Minds), was held in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia from May 14-16, 2010. The exhibition attracted scientists, researchers, inventors, and participants from around the world who came to see the 650 inventions for over 24 categories. The highlight of the exhibition was the Invention and Design Competition where each exhibitor was invited to introduce and demonstrate their most outstanding or unique product. The entries were judged based on the unique technology of the product.

The Brickcom Wireless Cube Camera was recognized at ITEX 2010 for its cutting-edge and innovative design. The built-in antenna offers 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity with WPS to allow users to easily connect their camera to a LAN or Internet router and access live video feed and intercom functions using any web browser or 3G portable device. With the compact and streamline housing also containing a PIR Sensor, microphone, speaker, and micro SD memory card slot, this camera creates a standalone surveillance system which can transmit H.264 compressed, megapixel resolution video. The Wireless Cube Camera is a unique security camera whose cutting edge functions and fashionable design make it the perfect surveillance solution for any home or office.

Kenny Huang, the Brickcom sales representative who demonstrated the Wireless Cube Camera at ITEX was invited to attend the Presidential Palace of the Taiwanese Government for a special ceremony honoring Brickcom's achievements at ITEX 2010.

To learn more about ITEX 2010 and to see the rest of the winning inventions, visit the ITEX website at For more information about the Wireless Cube Camera and its award-winning, housing design, visit the Brickcom website at