Brickcom's Live Demonstrations at SecuTech2010 Reveal the Diverse Applications of Brickcom IP Solutions

Brickcom would like to thank everyone who visited our booth at SecuTech 2010 in Taipei, Taiwan. During the three day tradeshow, over 2,000 people visited the Brickcom booth to learn about our innovative solutions for the IP surveillance industry. The most popular attractions of the Brickcom booth were the live demonstrations which revealed the diverse applications of Brickcom's solutions.

With the live demonstrations of our Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) functions and SNG, visitors were able to see how Brickcom cameras and equipment can go beyond standard surveillance. IVA features enable Brickcom cameras to be used for things such as people counting, forbidden area detection, missing and added object detection. This can be used to provide addition protection for areas or objects which needed higher security. The people counting application can be applied to businesses and used to track periods of heavy customer traffic, enabling business owners to allocate their human resources more effectively.

Visitors were intrigued by the live Satellite News Gathering (SNG) demonstration because it demonstrated how Brickcom's VS-01A video server can be applied beyond the world of security. The VS-01A video server is used to change the video feed from any camera from analog to digital. In the security world, it can be added to analog surveillance cameras so users can enjoy the benefits of digital surveillance without the expensive cost of upgrading an entire surveillance system. The live SNG demonstration revealed how the video server can be added to any analog camera, not only those designed for surveillance.

In the SNG demonstration, Brickcom used an analog camera which would normally be used for news reporting. With a Brickcom video server, the analog camera was able to wirelessly transmit live video feed to on onsite monitor. In the media field, this application would allow for news stations to transform their analog cameras and utilize wireless transmission when in the studio or field.

The versatility of Brickcom's solutions is what allows Brickcom to be a leader in the IP surveillance industry. Brickcom will be exhibiting their products and solutions again in May at IFSEC 2010 in Birmingham, England and EXPOSEC 2010 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. To learn more about how you can apply Brickcom's solutions to your needs or about the upcoming tradeshows, visit Brickcom's website at