Brickcom Joins Both Onvif and PSIA to Promote the Long-Term Development of IP CCTV

Brickcom Corporation is committed to the long-term development of IP CCTV. In promoting standardization of IP CCTV, Brickcom has joined both ONVIF and PSIA. Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) and Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA) involve cooperation from numerous manufacturers, system integrators, distributors, and end users who are dedicated to developing global standards for IP security and network devices.

Brickcom has joined these alliances as a way of promoting advanced compatibility of their products with other ONVIF and PSIA supported products. Brickcom acknowledges that customers have many choices for their security needs. Because of this, Brickcom wants to bring products to the market which will be compatible with existing ONVIF and PSIA supported products.

Brickcom offers many versatile camera series which provide megapixel resolution and H.264 codec compression. Through ONVIF and PSIA, users can now easily integrate Brickcom cameras and software into any existing security system which is ONVIF or PSIA supported. To ease management of larger security systems, Brickcom offers a feature-rich 64 channel, free-bundle software which allows users to easily organize and navigate all cameras on the network.

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