Brickcom's Video Server Provides the Perfect Bridge from Analog to Digital Security

Analog security systems provide reliable surveillance because of their long history, but they lack many of the advantages of a digital security system such as remote access, no maintenance costs, and advanced video playback features. The Brickcom VS-01A series is a high performance video server which helps users make an easy transition from an analog to digital based surveillance system. The VS-01A equips analog cameras with the accessibility and high video quality of IP cameras while allowing users the flexibility to use their existing analog infrastructure.

Standard analog cameras will transmit video through coaxial cables to an onsite television where it can be viewed and recorded onto video cassettes. The VS-01A can be attached to any analog camera to convert video feed from analog to digital. This provides the users with the benefits of an IP camera without having to invest in buying new equipment.

The total cost ownership is lowered drastically by switching to a digital surveillance system because the user no longer has to invest in video cassettes to record video feed. By using the existing infrastructure, users save on installation costs because the VS-01A allows the analog camera to transmit the video feed through existing Ethernet cables.

The VS-01A is user-friendly and it is equipped with outstanding video processing capabilities. It is able to automatically scan analog signals and adapt to the optimum operation mode to offer the best video conversion.

When converted from an analog to digital security system, one concern can be the network bandwidth and hard disk space that digital video takes up. The VS-01A offers H.264, M-JPEG, and MPEG-4 triple codec compression to create a flexible system which does not require high bandwidth or storage capabilities.

Remote access is a key benefit of switching to a digital surveillance system. The wireless model of the VS-01A transforms any analog camera into one that is not restricted by location or landforms. By adopting the technology of IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, the camera only needs to be set in an area with wireless coverage to transmit the video feed. The WPS button on the WVS-01A allows for easy configuration and troubleshooting by simplifying the complicated camera to AP/Router connection. Users do not have to worry about the data connection failing because each video server is equipped with a SD/SDHC memory card slot for local storage.

The Brickcom VS-01A series allows users to convert from an analog to digital surveillance system at their own pace while enjoying the benefits of a digital surveillance system. Users now can remotely access the video feed from any web browser or 3.5G accessible mobile device. The VS-01A provides the bridge to begin converting any analog security system to a secure digital system.