Brickcom Will Highlight its Megapixel Network Cameras at CPSE 2009 in China

Brickcom Corporation, a Taiwan-based company specializing in wireless IP surveillance solutions, will showcase its latest megapixel IP cameras with video analytics at CPSE 2009 from November 1-4 in Shenzhen, China. CPSE 2009 will be among the top three exhibitions in the world with over 1,000 exhibitors from over 20 countries.

Intelligent Video Analysis (IVA) is a growing trend within IP surveillance because it provides convenient and more advanced use of surveillance systems. Brickcom has been able to include IVA features in a lineup of its IP cameras, including people counting, motion detection, forbidden area detection, missing object and added object detection. Visitors are invited to come by the Brickcom booth to learn how Brickcom cameras are able to increase utility through their IVA features.

At CPSE2009, Brickcom will be highlighting its full range of megapixel IP network cameras, network video recorders and accessories. The extensive Brickcom product line provides flexible customization options to accommodate different business models.

One product visitors should pay attention to when visiting the Brickcom booth is Brickcom's recently released CB-100A. The CB-100A and its wireless WCB-100A model are a series of megapixel network security cameras designed for 24-hour indoor surveillance. Unlike general webcams, the CB-100A is stand-alone and do not need to be connected to a computer. Equipped with a build-in web server, users can connect the camera to a LAN or Internet router and access live video feed and intercom functions using any web browser or 3G portable device. The CB-100A is a unique security camera whose cutting edge functions and fashionable design make it the perfect surveillance solution for any home or office.

Unlike general webcams, Brickcom said its recently-launched network security cameras are stand-alone and do not need to be connected to a computer. Through the models' built-in web server, users are capable of accessing over a LAN or Internet connection for real-time viewing and intercom functions. The megapixel cams support MPEG4, MJPEC and H.264 video codecs to provide resolutions at 640×400 or 1280×800 for high-quality video and real-time viewing.

In addition, Brickcom's IP cameras are able to transmit video to portable devices via other technology, for instance, WiMAX, NAS, Digital Frame and power line.