Brickcom Launches the NR-1604, an ARM9-Based Stand-Alone NVR

NR-1604 is an ARM9-based Stand-alone NVR (Network Video Recorder) featured with embedded Linux operating system, which is designed for remote monitoring, live viewing, recording, and multi-channel playback of video from IP cameras inside a network surveillance system.

NVR is equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet port and houses 2 SATA hard disks (Max Capacity: 2TB) for long-term recording. It can be used in conjunction with UPS system to ensure uninterrupted recording in case of power failure. The pictures of up to 16 network cameras can be recorded simultaneously over the network and be played back on a PC from the remote site.

A Max of 4 PCs is allowed to access the device concurrently to perform the settings and operate it. Moreover, its ability to automatically search and find the available cameras on the network can greatly reduce the efforts when expanding the system, which enables more scalability. The above advantages make the NVR-1604 an economic solution for building a robust network surveillance system for SMB and SOHO users.