Brickcom Corporation Announces the BrickOne Solution®

In spite of the increasing trends of using IP surveillance, many users and installers still use the traditional analogue system because of the complicated installation associated with IP systems. By offering the BrickOne Solution® to customers, Brickcom strives to break down the difficulties of wireless transmission and the barriers to IP surveillance.

Brickcom Corporation, an H.264 Megapixel IP Camera supplier, has been dedicated to developing the technologies of IP surveillance, aiming for the leading position of offering the state-of-the-art IP surveillance solutions over the world. Brickcom combines the know-how of broadband wireless networking, optical image processing, and manufacturing techniques to provide a one-stop-shop with the BrickOne Solution®.

Anyone can build a complete IP surveillance solution with Brickcom's H.264 Megapixel IP network cameras with Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), Network Video Recorders (NVR), Central Management Systems (CMS), accessories, and network devices for various surveillance applications, such as buildings, transportation, retails, and home care.

Brickcom H.264 Megapixel IP Cameras
Brickcom IP Cameras are embedded with a high performance image sensor and CPU that supports H.264/ MPEG-4/ MJPEG triple codec compression to provide high resolutions at 640 x 400 or 1280 x 800 for high-quality video and real-time viewing. Brickcom IP Cameras also support built-in IVA which includes people counting, motion detection, forbidden area detection, added and missing object detection.

Brickcom aims to provide user-friendly design. For instance, the WPS button is one of the creative design and convenient functions of Brickcom IP Cameras. It makes complicated Wi-Fi setting to AP/Router easily to troubleshoot and offers users the ability to easily connect to the internet. In addition, Brickcom IP Cameras support SD/SDHC memory card slot, which allows backup local storage if the data connection is lost.

Brickcom IP Cameras can transmit the video to portable devices via the latest technology. Users can view live images anywhere by internet browsers or 3G accessible portable devices

BrickOne Solution®In addition to all the equipment necessary for an IP surveillance system, the BrickOne Solution® goes even further in offering installment solutions which add to the lower total ownership costs as compared with analog CCTV or other IP solutions. Due to the existing building structures,

Brickcom has developed “mixed wiring” solutions for difference applications. For instance, Brickcom offers Home Plug over Power Line for implementing cameras in elevators. For older residences, Brickcom provides Home Plug over Telephone Line instead of rewiring Ethernet. Brickcom also developed MoCA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) by the use of coaxial cable transmission. Under existing environment and infrastructure, BrickOne Solution®decreases the difficulty and cost of installation.

A+ Partner with A+ ServiceWith a professional background in the IT and Security Industry, Brickcom is strengthening and extending its service throughout the global distribution system. By offering the BrickOne Solution® to customers, Brickcom strives to break down the difficulties of wireless transmission and the barriers to IP surveillance. The mission for Brickcom is to provide the easiest and the most effective way for system installers to have an IP camera solution in hand with a smile.