Brickcom IP Cameras Integrated with Genius Vision NVR

The Brickcom IP camera and Genius Vision NVR integration team join up to offer a superior VMS Platform combined with industry leading HD Camera technology.

Brickcom Corporation, a leading brand of IP surveillance equipment and pioneer of wireless surveillance solutions, announces the complete integration of the Genius Vision NVR with a variety of Brickcom IP cameras through ONVIF Platform 2.0, which means all the ONVIF conformant Brickcom cameras are compliant with Genius Vision NVR. The conformant cameras include Cube Network Camera, Fixed Box Network Camera, Fixed Dome Network Camera, Outdoor Bullet Network Camera, Mini Dome Network Camera, Speed Dome Network Camera, PTZ Network Camera and Vandal Dome Network Camera. (See complete list on ONVIF website: This integration will allow users of both Brickcom and Genius Vision product to create security solutions for professional surveillance.

"Genius Vision offers complete IP video surveillance software solutions with unprecedented reliability and rich features, including NVR/CMS/IVS/360°, all combined in a single 18MB installer. Equipped with "automatic disaster recovery" and "protection of system settings", users can be relieved from data integrity problems. Unique features like "full-function remote client" and "512x video search" further make our products stand out in the market. "said C. Y. Ing, President of Genius Vision Inc. "It is Genius Vision's objective to become the industry standard software provider", he emphasized, "by combining Brickcom's effort of ONVIF integration, we took a big leap toward our goal."

Brickcom offers a wide range of multi-megapixel IP network cameras, camera accessories, and networking equipment. Brickcom IP cameras are embedded with a high performance image sensor and CPU that supports H.264, MPEG-4, and MJPEG triple codec compression to provide high resolution real-time video. Brickcom products are designed to incorporate the best IP features, while offering a user-friendly design. In addition to wired IP solutions, Brickcom offers unique dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n, 3G, and WiMAX surveillance cameras and equipment which offer a cost-effective solution for applications where cabling is difficult or costly to install.

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Brickcom Corporation is a leading manufacturer of IP surveillance equipment and a pioneer of wireless surveillance solutions. The company's comprehensive product portfolio includes a full line of IP network cameras, video servers, video management hardware and software, and a full range of networking and camera accessories. Brickcom's BrickOne Solution can provide a complete wired or wireless IP security system for residential, commercial, and industrial environments. For more information, please visit