• Manages up to 1024 Channels*
  • Dual-Stream Support
  • Playback up to 16 Channels
  • Video Wall (Live Matrix)*
  • Group Management
  • Supports Brickcom and ImmerVision De-warping
  • Digital Zoom on Live View
  • NVR Event Display
  • Smart Search for NVRs
  • Smart Motion Detection (Playback)
  • E-Map Monitor and Event Alert

*License Key Required

(*) These are optional features. Please refer to the Buying Guide for the full list of optional features available for this product.

CMS-Client & CMS-Matrix

Brickcom CMS is an open platform solution to centrally manage surveillance systems at different sites in diverse vertical markets. Composed of two software components, CMS-Clients and CMS-Matrix, Brickcom CMS can dramatically improve surveillance management in multiple sites especially for large-scale surveillance requirements to efficiently and effectively capture the recorded videos of incidents and to conduct the subsequent investigations.

Intuitive Central Management Solution: CMS-Client
CMS-Client allows user to have a comprehensive overview of surveillance deployment with multi-layer dynamic E-Maps indicating the physical location of cameras. With smart event management, user can efficiently verify the event situation and location at the very first time to ensure the latest information of secured areas.

Simple and Efficient Video Wall Solution: CMS-Matrix
CMS-Matrix is designed for CMS-Client, users can start monitoring up to 1024 channels of camera displaying on multiple monitors. With basic 36 free channels of CMS-Client, users can find out suitable solutions from Brickcom.

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DataSheet CMS-Client - 659.12 KB Download
CMS CMS_Client - 55.57 MB Download
User Manual um_CMS_vC1.0.X.54_English_official 5.57 MB Download