Brickcom Cameras Used to Save Lives at Chicago Hospital

Client : Cook County Hospital (
Location : Chicago, USA
Parner : Procom Security Inc (
Product Application : Hospital Surveillance
Solution : FD-100Ae, CB-100Ap

Cook County Hospital
With over a century of history, Cook County Hospital has developed a reputation as a prestigious teaching hospital for training first class doctors. The teaching atmosphere provides a positive environment for resident students to learn and master the art of medicine. In order to provide the best training for students, the hospital aims to provide cutting edge training procedures and classes.

In one of their training facilities, resident students are placed in a training room with a doctor and asked to treat three mannequins, each displaying different symptoms and problems related to emergency medicine procedures. Recently, the hospital decided there were several problems with this training set-up. First there was no way for the teaching doctors to instruct and communicate with the resident students without physically being in the room themselves. Because the mannequin controls were controlled from another room, the doctors could not activate the simulation and instruct at the same time. Another obstacle they found was that the training rooms were small and closed in. This caused problems because it did not allow for other students to watch and learn from the resident students during the simulation.

IP Camera Solution
To solve the problem, Cook County Hospital consulted with Procom Security Inc., a Chicago-based Surveillance service and installation company, to develop an integrated video and audio transmission solution. Procom designed an IP solution using Brickcom's FD-100Ae Fixed Dome and CB-100Ap Cube network cameras to solve the Cook Country Hospital training room problems. The Fixed Dome cameras were positioned at the base of each mannequin to capture the students in action. A two way audio system that includes external microphones for good quality sound was installed by an outside sound contractor.
Among Procom Security Inc.'s camera lines, Brickcom fits this project the perfectly. The dome camera equipped with infrared provides a clear image of the simulation under dim lighting. The built-in two-way audio feature in the cube camera allows the doctors and resident students to communicate remotely without any problems. Most importantly, Brickcom's solution offers stable and reliable streaming for the hospital to accomplish remote instruction.

Brickcom Cameras Saving Lives
With live video feed hooked up to different rooms, doctors are now able to evaluate the students from a remote location and other students can now watch and learn from the simulation. The live video recording also allows the teachers and students to review the simulation training and learn from their mistakes. As well with the 2-way audio system, the doctors can now change the mannequins' symptoms from another room and instruct their students at the same time.