Brazilian Steak House Installs Brickcom IP Surveillance System

Client : Ancho Premium Beef
Location : Brazil
Parner : Brickcom Partner
Product Application : Restaurant Surveillance
Solution : CB-100Ae, WCB-100Ap, BRC64

Located in the bustling city of Riberao Preto, Brazil, Ancho Premium Beef is an upscale steak house known for providing superb meals and a tranquil atmosphere for a night out on the town. With a sophisticated dining area, full bar, and a child care area, Ancho Premium Beef is perfect for all steak lovers whether they are meeting friends for a nice dinner, entertaining clients, or going out for a romantic dinner for two.

To ensure a safe and secure environment for staff and guests, Ancho Premium Beef’s owner decided to install a surveillance system. A local system installer, SoftInside, installed Brickcom Cube cameras strategically around the restaurant with the aim of deterring employees and patrons from committing petty theft, ensuring that the dining area ran smoothly and monitoring the children’s play area for health and safety. With the sleek design of the Brickcom cameras, this surveillance system provides an effective tool for monitoring the restaurant while remaining inconspicuous and aesthetically pleasing to patrons.

Successful Installation
Brickcom CB-100Ae and WCB-100Ap cameras were installed around the restaurant to monitor the bar, the kitchen, the dining area, the employee break room and the children’s play area. Dany Seabra from SoftInside explains that he chose Brickcom because, “it’s easy and economical to install Brickcom cameras. We have the flexibility to choose cameras that meet the needs of our customers; whether it’s WiFi, PoE, or Wired.” With a megapixel sensor, the Cube cameras offer a clear view of each section of the restaurant and Ancho Premium Beef’s management can easily zoom in to view areas in greater detail.

The CB-100Ae models were easily installed with the use of PoE splitters. The PoE splitter enabled each camera to transmit data and receive power through a standard Ethernet cable, reducing the time, expense, and cabling needed for installation. In one area where Ethernet cabling was difficult and costly to install, a wireless Brickcom WCB-100Ap camera was used. With only a power source required, the WCB-100Ap securely transmits video feed over a wireless network, eliminating the need for additional cabling and creating a more cost effective solution.

To manage the surveillance system, Ancho Premium Beef use Brickcom’s BRC-64 PC-based Network Video Recorder software. With scheduled and event triggered recording options, the management staff at Ancho Premium Beef are able to effectively monitor the crucial areas of the restaurant. The time based and event triggered search features allow them to easily navigate and play back recorded video.

With the surveillance cameras in place, Ancho Premium Beef’s management has been able to ensure a productive work environment for employees and a pleasant dining experience for patrons. With cameras monitoring the cash register and employee break room, stealing and deviant behavior are deterred. The cameras installed in the kitchen can be used to monitor the area for fires or accidents. The video footage can ensure that the proper authorities are notified in the case of an emergency or to provide support for insurance claims.

To ensure a relaxed dining experience for patrons, Ancho Premium Beef has utilized the surveillance cameras to monitor the dining area and children’s play area. By monitoring the dining area, management can ensure that waiters serve customers properly. When a table at a restaurant is empty, the restaurant is losing potential profits, so with the IP cameras, management and staff can also monitor the empty tables to ensure that patrons are seated quickly. The staff uses the surveillance cameras to monitor the children’s play area to ensure that children are safe and quickly attended to if something should go wrong.

End Result
Since the installation of the surveillance system, Ancho Premium Beef continues to provide fantastic dining experiences to patrons. The Brickcom cameras provide not only an economical surveillance solution but also a way to improve staff productivity. With their new surveillance system, Ancho Premium Beef management and staff can stop worrying about security at the steak house and start focusing more on serving their customer right.

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