Nightclub Entertainment Venue Keeps Their Profits in Tact with Brickcom IP Surveillance Cameras

Client : Nightclub in USA
Location : USA
Parner : Brickcom Partner
Product Application : Entertainment Surveillance
Solution : FB-100Ap, CB-100Ap, FD-100Ap

In the Nightlife Entertainment Industry, transactions between the customer and business are pivotal because there are so many people involved and scenarios where errors can occur. Business owners need to ensure the customer is getting a great experience in addition to getting what they ordered and that the employees are interacting properly with the customers. At a night club in the United States, one business owner installed Brickcom cameras to maintain security of the club while ensuring the profitability of the business.

Maintaining Club Security
To ensure that patrons are enjoying their night out, keeping the peace is essential. Brickcom FD-100Ap Fixed Dome cameras was installed to survey the overall club floor. With the built-in IR illumination LEDs and IR-cut filter, the Fixed Dome can provide clear video surveillance of the club in low light situations. The business owner and employees can catch small disturbances between patrons and radio security on the floor to dissolve disagreements immediately before it becomes a large disturbance.

Maintaining Club Profitability
With hundreds of transactions occurring every night, the business owner installed several Brickcom cameras to monitor the key transaction areas and ensure the profitability of the club. FB-100Ap Fixed Box cameras were installed to monitor the front door where all patrons enter the nightclub. With 600-900 customers regularly coming to the club every night, the business can lose a significant amount of money if the front door employee does not collect an entry fee from all patrons entering the club. With the Fixed Box camera monitoring the front door, the business owner can ensure that all patrons entering the club are charged an entry fee.

Brickcom CB-100Ap Cube cameras were installed to monitor the two main bars where the club generates the most revenue from drink sales. When serving drinks such as alcohol, every bartender is trained to do a “4 second pour” per shot. If the bartender is pouring longer than four seconds, the business owner sees margins slipping. Another scenario where the business owner often sees lost revenue occurs during drink sales. A customer may order five drinks at once, but if the customer is an acquaintance or friend of the bartender, the bartender may only charge him/her for two or three drinks. With the Cube cameras, the business owner can easily see how many drinks are going to the customer in this case and zoom in on the amount being paid and rung up on the register.

Ensuring Long Term ROI
The Brickcom surveillance system provides significant return on investment for this Nightclub business owner. He is able to maintain the safety of his patrons and employees while ensuring the long term profitability of his establishment. The IP-based cameras allow the business owner to remotely monitor the club and ensure peace of mind when he is away from the building. New cameras can easily be added to the system if the business owner expands his club or requires additional surveillance.