Brickcom Provides the BrickOne Solution® to a WLAN First Tier Company

Client : WLAN First Tier Company
Location : Hsinchu Industrial Park, Hsinchu County, Taiwan
Parner : Brickcom Partner
Product Application : Factory and Office Building Security Surveillance


Brickcom Corporation was approached by a WLAN first tier company to help in the installation of a complete IP surveillance system at their headquarters. A highly integrated system was required to cover the headquarters, parking area, factories, and dormitory. In this case, the BrickOne Solution provided this company with a quick and easy road from installation to use.

The Challenges
There were many scenarios and cost considerations that were involved in this IP surveillance case. Brickcom was presented the challenge of connecting the surveillance system between numerous buildings; the main focus being the two main office buildings which are located 500 meters apart. To fully integrate an IP surveillance system, the two buildings needed to be connected. The standard solution would be to lease a T1 or E1 carrier line to connect the two buildings, for approximately US$300 per month. Brickcom was able to supply the alternative solution of a WiMAX base station and customer premises equipment (CPE) which can connect systems up to 3 kilometers (1.8 miles). This WiMAX solution provided the company with an economical and cost effective solution for their distance problem because it eliminates the monthly fee of a T1 or E1 carrier line. The WiMAX base station also provided higher bandwidth for the IP video transmission. Not only did this solution allow the company to connect their IP system between their main buildings, but their parking areas, dormitory, and factories.

One of the greatest challenges was installation of cameras in the elevators. A standard Ethernet RJ-45 cable would not be able to handle the elevator going up and down everyday. The cable would lose connection within three months because it would not be able to withstand the constant movement of the elevator. Many ideas were proposed and at first, the discussion focused around the alternative solution of a coaxial cable or wireless. The decision was made to use a power line to do the connection because the elevator still needed electricity to run mechanisms such as the lighting and ventilation. Brickcom used their HomePlug AV solution because it was ideal for this situation. The connection would use the original cable wiring, requiring no added cable for the IP surveillance connection. This cut down not only on the cost of installation, but also the easy of installment.

A Successful BrickOne Solution
In this case, Brickcom was able to not only provide the IP surveillance equipment, but the total installation solution. The company was provided with a 122 IP camera surveillance system which allows them to monitor their headquarters, parking area, factories, and dormitory. The BrickOne Solution allowed for high cost savings in the installment of the system because the company did not have to invest in adding extensive cabling in the case of the elevators or leasing a T1 or E1 access line for connecting their two main buildings.
The key benefit to their new IP surveillance system is the remote access. With their old analog system, the company needed to have every camera connected to a closed security network in order to monitor each location. It required extensive cabling and maintenance. With the Brickcom IP system, they are able to use WiMAX to wirelessly connect the four buildings and monitor each camera from a single control room. The security team is able to remotely monitor the system from any location via internet or mobile device.
A spokesman for the company said, “Brickcom provided us with a complete and high-quality solution. We thought it would be very troublesome to set up and manage so many cameras, but Brickcom did help us alleviate the process and solve our problems with management. The CMS software allows us to monitor the whole panorama in one single remote control room. We are impressed by the great expertise and experience of Brickcom and are very glad to work with them.”